As of 8/9/2022, the APY is 2.12% -- 21x higher than the national average!*

We pass 100% of the interest we get on your deposits back to you. If the interest rate we receive from our partner banks goes up, yours will too.

You’ll also earn $250 in Gravy Rewards for opening an account and an additional $50 in Gravy Rewards each time you hit a saving streak of 3 months in a row, which outpaces the earnings on even the best high-yield savings account.

For example, if you deposit $100 a month, after 12 months you will have saved $1,200 and earned an extra $450 in Gravy Rewards. That's a 37.5% savings boost! 🔥

✅ Industry-leading APY + ✅ Gravy Rewards for hitting milestones = ✅ the ultimate high-yield savings account.

Gravy’s high-yield savings account is FDIC-insured and there are never any fees or minimums. There is no better place to save up for your first home down payment.

*APY, or Annual Percentage Yield, as of 8/9/2022. Per FDIC, the national average interest rate on Savings accounts is 0.10% as of 7/18/2022.

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