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Mortgage Credit Score
What is a mortgage credit score?
What is a mortgage credit score?
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Gravy helps you monitor the unique credit score that mortgage lenders care about. To do that, we track your FICO 4 Score based on data from TransUnion.

There are many different versions of your credit score. The scores you see from services like Credit Karma and Experian are based on scoring models that lenders often use to approve you for a car lease or a credit card.

But, you are interested in buying a house and getting a mortgage, and mortgage lenders use a different credit scoring model. These scores, called FICO 2/4/5, are not the same as the more common FICO 8 or VantageScore you often see elsewhere.

For example, reporting positive rent or utility payments to the credit bureaus does not impact your mortgage credit score.

Tracking and understanding the right score is key to success for first-time homebuyers -- a 20-point difference in your mortgage credit score can save (or cost) you tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan.

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